Cessna Citation Sovereign+

With excellent power-to-weight characteristics – combined with a moderately swept supercritical wing design – the Citation Sovereign provides impressive range, fuel efficiency and exceptional runway performance. Its greatest asset, though, is the size of its external baggage compartment – by far the largest in its class. Hosting a fully stand-up cabin and with ample room for up to nine passengers, the Citation Sovereign keeps all passengers relaxed through journeys such as Stuttgart to Almaty and Dubai to Bangkok.

Interior specefication:

  • Cabin length: 7,70 m
  • Cabin width: 1,68 m
  • Cabin Height: 1,73 m
  • Luggage space: 3,80 m3
  • Maximum passengers: 8-10
  • WC: Yes


  • Jet length: 19,35 m
  • Jet height: 6,2 m
  • Wingspan: 19,3 m
  • Maximum take off weight: 13744 kg
  • Cruise speed: 825 km/h
  • Maximum range: 5270 km
  • Fight altitude: 14300 m