Global Express XRS 6000

Based on the Bombardier Global Express, but with a reduction in cabin length, as well as a decreased range, the Global 5000 is still fully capable of journeys such as Paris to Chicago and London to Mumbai. The cabin of the Global 5000 is supremely quiet, while providing one of the tallest cross-sections in the heavy jet category and the ability to seat up to 17 passengers. Some configurations even have a private aft stateroom, to provide personal space to be at your most rested or productive.

Interior specefication:

  • Cabin length: 14,7 m
  • Cabin width: 2,49 m
  • Cabin Height: 1,95 m
  • Luggage space: 5,60 m3
  • Maximum passengers: 12-19
  • WC: Yes


  • Jet length: 30,3 m
  • Jet height: 7,7 m
  • Wingspan: 28,6 m
  • Maximum take off weight: 44450 kg
  • Cruise speed: 900 km/h
  • Maximum range: 11390 km
  • Fight altitude: 15100 m